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My Grandma's of New England


After almost 30 years baking the world's most CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED COFFEE CAKES we have found a coffee that meets our standards of quality and added it to our repertoire of products.
This Artisan Coffee is freshly picked for us in small batches to ensure greater quality.
It is a Single Origin Arabica Coffee bean that is grown in Tolima, Colombia at altitudes of 1500 to 1800 feet.
We are proud that it is also Certified Organic, Fair Trade and within the Specialty Grade Standards. With bright acidity, a creamy body and notes of citrus, caramel and milk chocolate.

Single Sourced, Organic and Fair Trade.
Available in 1lb of Whole or Ground beans.
Ships free with the purchase of a cake.

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a slice of your favorite coffee cake

*Coffee Mug not included

To send cakes to different addresses, add cake(s) for each address individually, and you will be able to designate the different shipping addresses in the shopping cart.


My Grandma's of New England Small Cakes

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